Top 5 Things That Prove “Millennial Pink” Isn’t “Millennial” Pink

I love the color Millennial Pink. Just look around this blog. What irks me is the the labeling. This pink — whose exact shade, it seems, no one can agree on — has been linked to Millennials because of its non-threatening quality, suggesting this is a population that needs soothing, coddling and safe spaces. Oh, the labels.

(Or just maybe it’s everywhere all of a sudden, because it works so well with that other hot neutral, gray.)

Neutral pink, dusty pink, rose quartz, whatever you want to call it, has been around more than a minute. I’m sure Juicy Couture, Baby Phat, and Motorola flip phones are like agree. But there are artifacts that date back further than that. Take a look.

1) The Pink Princess Phone, 1950s to Whenever Grandma Finally Switched to Touchtone

2 pink phones
Hello? Is it pink you’re looking for?

2) The 1970s. Although the dissastisfaction was loud, the clothing was all about subdued hues.

Sissy Space Carrie
Underneath all that red corn syrup is Carrie’s Millennial Pink prom dress.

3) Pretty in Pink, the 1980s. The pink got a little louder.

Pretty in Pink prom dress before after
“Whatever you do, please don’t butcher my vintage prom dress and turn it into a fashion abomination.”

4) In the 1990s, it wasn’t all flannel and cardigans. Whether it was a silk blouse, a little velvet choker, a floral baby doll dress, a slip dress, or this burn-out velvet top on Gillian Anderson, pink took on a edgy quality. Yes, Alanis, pink became ironic.

Gillian Anderson Pink velvet 1996

5) Rococo, anyone?

Fragonard, The Swing


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