Top 5 Basic Expert Tutorials You Didn’t Know You Needed

These are things we are positive we know how to do, even though the only instructor we ever had was ourselves. So sometimes we wonder if there’s a better way. There is. Check it out.

1) How To Properly Adjust Your Car’s Side Mirrors


A while back I was listening to NPR’s radio show “Car Talk,” and someone called in asking about how to properly adjust their side mirrors. My first thought was, “Who in the heezy doesn’t know how to adjust their car mirrors? I’ve been doing it for years and — ohhhh.” The hosts, those two brothers, Tom and Ray, proceeded to describe their expert method for eliminating a blind spot. I tried it. It worked. Here ya go. Since it involves leaning your head against the window, make sure you pull over first.

2) How To Paint Your Nails


Elizabeth Arden, that doll, has 9 tips for  making your DIY mani-pedi last, which is generous of her, considering Elizabeth Arden Red Door is a spa and that do nails for money.

3) How To Get Information Out Of Someone

Whether it’s something serious or not so serious, these are great human behavior techniques for getting people to talk. Try her advice about not filling the silence next time you’re talking to someone. You’ll be surprised at how fast the other person will race to fill that air. Vanessa Van Edwards is a published author and behavioral investigator.

4) How To Scramble Eggs

Did you know creases on a chef’s hat represent the 100 ways there are to prepare an egg? Trueness. Here’s another truth: It doesn’t take long to make restaurant-worthy scrambled eggs, so what’s the hurry? So whisk ’em good, keep the heat moderate, stand there and stir them properly and make your breakfast a delight. There are variations. For example, I add the milk or cream while I’m whisking the eggs. I also like to whisk the loose egg while they’re in the pan; makes them light and custardy. Watch Chef Michael Bonacini’s expert technique.

5) How To Iron A Shirt

Ugh, ironing. Before this lesson from Martha Stewart, by the time I finished ironing a shirt, it needed to be ironed again. #Fail. (And Kudos to the audience mom who let her toddlers run towards Martha’s hot iron just so they can be on TV. Spoiler: they’re fine.) She also has a video that teaches you how to fold a fitted sheet, but I will continue to ball mine up and throw them into the linen closet.



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