Top 5 Ways To Class Up The Place You Live


1) Bring Home Fresh-Cut Flowers
Bursting with beauty, peonies, roses, irises and the like are always an elegant touch, especially showcased in a square vase. I always prefer a square vase, tall or short.

2) Hang Original Art
Or at least a signed and numbered lithograph. And I’m not talking about something that looks like it came out of a motel lobby. Next time you go to a gallery opening do more than sip the chardonnay. Of course, make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy for years to come, where it’s realistic pears in a bowl or a pop-surrealist collage. Extra points for knowing the artist personally.

3) Invest In A Statement Piece
Get schooled while you browse at Design Within Reach, featuring all the classics from Eames to Corbusier.

Big and bold, it's the Arco Floor Lamp with marble base, part of MoMA's permanent collection
Big and bold, it’s the Arco Floor Lamp with marble base, part of MoMA’s permanent collection

4) Unify Your Photo Frames
Assuming you have more than that one digital frame, get all your “analog” frames on the same page. A glass one here, a metal one there, a ceramic one, a blue one, a gold one… Give your mantle (you have a mantle?!) a much cleaner look with frames that follow a theme. Maybe they’re all white or gold or dark wood. Just follow your preference.

5) Unify Your Closet Hangers
You probably have those plastic tubular hangers in every color under the sun supporting your fine fashions. Grab  some Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons (they never expire, if you didn’t know), then go get a few boxes of those nice wooden hanger — all in the same stain, don’t mix and match. Your closet will like muuuuch neater and more elegant, almost instantaneously.


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