Top 5 Songs With Handclaps

Like cowbell, handclaps are an underrated instrument. They’re always tuned, easy to transport, and as long as you have rhythm, easy to play. If you were ever in the J. Geils Band, you certainly don’t need convincing. But in case you’ve been missing out, put your hands together for these great songs.

1) CAR WASH by Rose Royce
Before the 2004 overproduced cover version, Rose Royce gave us the funkiest handclaps — ever. Sing it with feelin’, y’all!

2) DOG DAYS ARE OVER by Florence + the Machine

This has a little Motown flavor that makes it awesome, while also being haunting.

3) FINGERTIPS, PT 2 by Stevie Wonder

Speaking of Motown…
Stevie couldn’t stop this handclap train if he tried, so I suppose he hopped on and road it into music history. Honestly, you can’t NOT clap to this song, so I’ll give the audience an A+ for participation.

4) RETROGRADE by James Blake

I’d like to slow things down a bit with the soulful handclap stylings of James Blake.
Now, excuse me while I go have a good cry.

5) FAITH by George Michael

Don’t sleep on George Michael. Before his life became a scandal, dude created some great music. And, yes, he really plays guitar on this song.


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